May Ying Chen

May Ying Chen is an adjunct professor at CUNY’s Joseph S. Murphy Institute and coordinates the US-China Exchange Program – Advancing the Field of Labor Relations.  She has taught courses on Contemporary Labor Issues, Union Leadership, and Labor Field Work.  Chen devoted a career of more than 25 years to the garment workers’ union in New York City (Local 23-25 Workers United/SEIU). Until her retirement in 2009, she was the Manager of Local 23-25 and Vice President of the International Union--bargaining union contracts and managing workers’ benefits, coordinating the union’s worker education programs, and encouraging stronger worker participation in U.S. political activities.  In the union, she taught classes on worker grievances, benefits, contract negotiations, and health and safety. Chen holds a college degree from Harvard-Radcliffe, and a Masters in Education from UCLA.