Kent Wong, J.D.


Kent Wong is director of the Center for Labor Research and Education at UCLA, where he teaches Labor Studies and Ethnic Studies.

Kent was previously staff attorney for the Service Employees International Union, representing Los Angeles County Workers, and the first staff attorney for the Asian Pacific American Legal Center.  His beginnings with the labor movement were as a boycott organizer for the United Farm Workers of America.

Kent served as the founding president of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO, and has also served as the national president of the United Association for Labor Education, and the University and College Labor Education Association. He is a vice president of the California Federation of Teachers, a co-chair of the California Speaker’s Commission on Labor Education, and serves on the Board of Trustees of the National Labor College.

Kent has published numerous books on the labor movement, union organizing, and immigrant workers and students.  He regularly addresses union, community, and student conferences throughout the country.

Kent has also been involved in developing labor solidarity initiatives in the Pacific Rim, especially in China, Vietnam, and Japan.

Kent is married to Jai Lee Wong, and they have two sons.