Chris Erikson

Business Manager, Local 3, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

Chief officer for a local union representing electrical workers, responsible for collective bargaining, union administration, worker benefits, organizing, political action. Local 3 represents 30,000 workers employed within the construction, maintenance and manufacturing sectors of the electrical industry.

Serves on the Executive Board of the NYC Building and Construction Trades Council.

The New York City Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC) consists of local unions affiliated with 15 international unions that represent workers employed in the building and construction industry in New York City. These unions represent nearly 100,000 construction workers, from the highly skilled mechanical trades (electrician, plumber, sheet metal and heating and ventilation workers) to the less skilled laborer and every level in between.

An umbrella organization, the Council brings together the unions that represent construction workers and facilitates their ability to work cooperatively. The purpose is to advance work opportunity for these workers; and through legislative proposals and lobbying of government bodies, insure the safety of the workplace, protect the local prevailing wage, as well as, negotiate project labor agreements that will provide for the use of its affiliated unions members on construction projects in New York City.