The field of labor relations engages a broad range of participants – workers and unions; lawyers and advocates; government personnel from a variety of agencies and departments; and employers and businesses of all sizes.  Educators in the field of labor relations provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of workplace issues.  The ALR Project seeks to sharpen the skills, effectiveness, and voice of labor in the field of labor relations by providing lectures, workshops, and educational programs for diverse practitioners in China.  Workshops are typically two to three hours each and are offered in a wide range of topics.

More and more U.S. labor educators have participated in conferences, lectures and workshops in Changsha, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Beijing, as well as meetings and visits with educators, attorneys, union leaders and labor relations experts from all over China.  Their meetings provided an important exchange of experiences and information reflected in the PPTs and materials below.

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Comparative Labor Relations
The workshops in this area examine labor education and labor relations systems in various countries around the world.

Collective Bargaining
Workshops and exercises in this area cover a range of topics related to collective bargaining and labor contract negotiations.

Contract Administration and Enforcement
Grievance procedures as well as compliance to the terms and conditions of labor agreements are explored in this subject area.

Dispute Resolution
Workshops examine conflicts in the workplace as well as models of mediation and arbitration.

Unions and Labor Relations
Topics in this category include worker organizing and education, membership mobilization, collective representation, and effective labor relations practices.