Back To School

Summer, 2014, is coming to a close – and here at CUNY's Murphy Institute/SPS, faculty, staff and students are preparing for the start of classes and other school programs.  The CUNY fall semester begins on August 28, and there are 58 different credit courses at the Murphy Institute for undergraduate and graduate level students of labor studies, urban studies and labor relations.

The ALR website ( offers hundreds of resource materials for labor relations teachers and students in English and Chinese. Core courses in the CUNY Murphy Institute labor relations certificate program include Comparative Labor and Employment Law, Comparative Labor Relations, Collective Bargaining, and Union Organization.  The website includes course syllabi for these and other courses – click the “Courses” tab.  Books and articles are listed under “Bibliography.”  And the “Workshops” tab offers topical materials and PowerPoint presentations for individual lectures or workshops.

A new website feature which is updated every week is “Labor in the News.”  There are brief news stories about labor relations issues in China and the U.S.  We urge professors and students of labor relations to use the information and resources in the website, to share your materials with us for posting, and to follow our developments and send your suggestions for ways we can improve.  Share the website URL with faculty, students and colleagues:

Best wishes to everyone who is going “back to school” this fall – and have a productive school year!