Resource Spotlight Update

To help you keep tabs on all the important bi-lingual resources one can find on this website, we’ve created a feature on the home page called RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT, where we shine a light on some of the many useful articles, PowerPoints, essays, and training materials that are housed here.

Continually updated with new and important resources, the RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT will draw your attention to materials in the following categories:

  • Articles in Focus. Featured here are outstanding scholarly articles and academic papers on labor relations, accompanied by their abstracts and links to websites where full-text versions of the articles can be found.
  • Featured Resources. Here we’ve collected important materials from our general resources archive to better assist labor educators, organizers, and anyone interested in exploring or researching labor topics such as comparative labor relations, labor law, union organizing, and industrial relations. You’ll find samples from real-life union contracts, dispute and mediation manuals, collective bargaining tools, and resources designed by unions and activists to assist labor representatives in the workplace, in the union hall, and at the bargaining table. You’ll also find educational and training materials, including workshop PowerPoint presentations, which reflect the most current approaches to teaching in the labor studies field.
  • Labor in Comparative Perspective. In this resource section we feature a series of essays discussing important resources related to the theory and practice of comparative labor relations.

In addition to exploring the important resources highlighted in the RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT, we hope you’ll acquaint yourself with our Searchable Bibliography, a continually updated catalogue of important English- and Chinese-language texts that advance the understanding of the field of labor relations.