US-China Mediation Exchange

A high-level delegation of MOHRSS officials from six provinces in China met with high-level representatives of the U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS) during the week of Sept 22-26 for an information exchange.  The purpose of the exchange was to explore respective policies and practices for resolving labor disputes and collective bargaining.  Among the topics discussed were the training and career paths of mediators, techniques for resolution of individual and collective labor disputes, structure of the respective agencies.  The Chinese delegation enjoyed great information and curriculum delivered by the FMCS on the structural design of the U.S. collective bargaining system, influential cases, practical techniques of mediation and dispute resolution, and watched video demonstrations of typical mediation cases.  The delegation also visited other federal agencies such as the National Labor Relations Board, Department of Labor.  ALR Project staff are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to observe the exchange.