UCLA Labor Center's Work in China

Founded in 1964, the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education – a partner in creating the ALR project – is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary.  The UCLA Labor Center conducts labor research and education, offers labor and work place studies courses at UCLA, and publishes books and articles on unions and workers.  The Labor Center has also been engaged in global initiatives.

For more than a decade, the UCLA Labor Center has been engaged in work in developing relations between unions and workers in China and the U.S. In June 2014, the Shanghai Education Union visited the California Federation of Teachers.  The delegation met with leaders from the California Federation of Teachers, the California Teachers Association, the California Faculty Association, and the Los Angeles Community College Faculty Guild.  The UCLA Labor Center is currently exploring the development of an exchange program between faculty at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College and a Shanghai Technical College.  The photo is from a visit from the Shanghai Education Union at the L.A. Community College Faculty Guild office.

In September 2014, the L.A. County Federation of Labor will be visiting the Shanghai Municipal Trade Union Council.  Southern California labor leaders will be touring the Shanghai Port, a Steel Factory, a Community College, and the Shanghai Labor College.  The delegation will also meet with leaders of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions in Beijing.  

The Labor Center was instrumental in launching the first two formal partnerships between U.S. and Chinese unions:  one partnership between the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and the Shanghai Municipal Trade Union Council, and another partnership between the California Federation of Teachers and the Shanghai Education Union. 

Over the years, the Labor Center has organized delegations of U.S. union leaders to visit China, and have hosted delegations of Chinese union leaders during their visits to the U.S.  The exchanges have included joint conferences, educational seminars and workshops, work place visits, and sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of labor relations.  

Faculty from the UCLA Labor Center have presented papers and lectured at Beijing University, Renmin University, Beijing Capital University, the China Institute of Industrial Relations, the Shanghai Labor College, Shanghai Normal University, and Sun Yat Sen University, among others. 

The UCLA Labor Center is pleased to partner with the CUNY Murphy Institute and the Harvard Labor and Worklife Program to support the Advancing Labor Relations in China project.  The ALR project represents a further development of the work to strengthen relationships and communication between Chinese and U.S. labor scholars and labor leaders, and to explore areas of mutual interest in labor research and education.  The bilingual web page, the joint workshops and lectures, and the partnership between U.S. and Chinese labor scholars are all important contributions to the development of this work.