Labor in Comparative Perspective

In this resource section we feature a series of essays discussing important resources related to the theory and practice of comparative labor relations.

Non-standard work is an increasing global phenomenon as more workers are excluded from traditional full-time, permanent wage and benefit employment with lega
Some of the most valuable work in comparative labor relations is designed to broaden our awareness and understanding of best labor practices, particularly gi
There are many challenges in comparing national differences in employment relations.  Every country has its own distinct history, culture, economy and laws. 
A key element of comparative employment relations is explaining why diverse labor relations practices persist despite common
Comparing diverse employment practices such as working-time are descriptive, at best, if they simply catalog a list of countries and their practices.
A new (2015) publication that serves as a kind of labor history and catalogue of preventative health and safety posters in Europe is available from the Europ
Previously we highlighted a valuable resource for examining and comparing labor relations topics such as collective bargaining agreements around the world (
One challenge in comparative labor relations research is finding quality sources of data with which to work.  The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labor Stud
In any examination of Labor in Comparative Perspective, it is important to recognize that labor unions around the world are not the same and do not engage in
Introduction to the series: Why bother with cross-national comparisons?