Randolph, G. (ed) (2014) ‘Overcoming the Youth Employment Crisis: Strategies from Around the Globe’

‘Overcoming the Youth Employment Crisis: Strategies from Around the Globe,’ JustJobs Network Report, October 2014

The youth employment crisis is one of the greatest perils facing the global economy today.Young people around the world – in industrialized, emerging and developing economies alike – face acutely high levels of unemployment, low wages, poor working conditions, and obstructed pathways to economic mobility. This report examines 5 themes related to youth employment: (1) Young people require not only jobs, but career pathways, (2) Young people’s aspirations must inform job creation strategies, (3) Beyond job creation and training programs, policymaking must tackle the broader social and economic obstacles that limit young people’s employment prospects, (4) Policy coherence and effective coordination among stakeholders is required for any youth employment program to succeed and (5) Collective bargaining rights are critical to improving youth job outcomes.  The report examines a range of youth education, social protection and employment programs in Germany, Brazil, U.S., India, South Africa, and Indonesia etc.

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