Warner, M. (2013) Comparing Human Resource Management in China and Vietnam: An Overview

'Comparing Human Resource Management in China and Vietnam: An Overview,' University of Cambridge, Judge Business School Working Paper Series 


This paper attempts to compare human resource management (HRM) in China and Vietnam. The main thrust of the paper is broadly interpretative, as well as analytical. First, it sets out seven dimensions relating to the evolution of people-management there, namely, historical, cultural, political, legal, economic, demographic and management. Next, it deals with a number of contemporary issues relating to the implementation of HRM in the two countries. Last, it presents a set of conclusions regarding the national differentiation of HRM models and the implications for management in Asia.

Available to read or download in English at: http://www.jbs.cam.ac.uk/fileadmin/user_upload/research/workingpapers/wp1303.pdf