Teaching About Labor Through Union Worker–University Student Dialogues

TitleTeaching About Labor Through Union Worker–University Student Dialogues
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsWills, Ericka
JournalLabor Studies Journal
Pagination81 - 103
KeywordsCHAT, critical pedagogy, dialoguing, labor education, perceptions

This article offers a pedagogical model for facilitating union worker–university student dialogues on labor issues. Most university students in this study initially held neutral opinions of organized labor. However, the beliefs of the few students with strong attitudes about unions were often shaped by close interactions with family members who belonged to unions. Taking these attitudes and factors into considerations when designing classroom activities and approaches, a dialoguing process was developed that encouraged participants to articulate their viewpoints, engage in reciprocal written and verbal exchanges, and reflect on others’ perceptions in order to enhance their own labor perspectives.