Organizational Culture in Action: A Cultural Analysis Workbook

TitleOrganizational Culture in Action: A Cultural Analysis Workbook
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDriskill, G. W., and Brenton, A. L.
PublisherSage Publications
CityThousand Oaks, Calif.
ISBN Number1412905605 9781412905602
Keywordsculture, diversity, leadership, organizational culture, organizations, qualitative research, research

This book is a practical guide to “reading” the culture of organizations and to understanding the implications of culture for organizational effectiveness. Sharing their experiences from over 25 years of consulting and teaching, the authors make the process of cultural analysis practical and applicable. Beginning with an explanation of the theories of organizational culture, the book provides guidance on collecting information, leading students through qualitative research methods of observation, interviewing, and analyzing written texts. Students come away equipped to apply cultural insights to fostering diversity, supporting organizational change, making leadership more dynamic, understanding the link between ethics and culture, and achieving personal growth. (publisher's statement)