The Concept of Formal Organization

TitleThe Concept of Formal Organization
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsBlau, P., and Scott, R.
EditorShafritz, J. M., Ott, S. J., and Jang, Y. S.
Book TitleClassics of Organizational Theory
Pagination189 - 192
PublisherDorsey Press
Keywordsformal organization, negotiating, organizational behavior, organizational sociology, organizations

[Excerpt] Social organization refers to the ways in which human conduct becomes socially organized, that is, to the observed regularities in the behavior of people that are due to the social conditions in which they find themselves rather than to their physiological or psychological characteristics as individuals....Since the distinctive characteristics of these organizations is that they have been formally established for the explicit purpose of achieving certain goals, the term ‘formal organization’ is used to designate them.