Tools of the Trade: A Health and Safety Handbook for Action

TitleTools of the Trade: A Health and Safety Handbook for Action
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLee, P. T., Baker, Regina S., and Darling, G.
PublisherLabor Occupational Health Program, University of California
CityBerkeley, CA
Keywordsworker health, worker safety, workers’ rights

Health and safety campaigns can involve, educate, activate, and empower workers while attracting public support.

The book has practical suggestions for forming a worker health and safety committee in a union or non-union environment; training workers; using risk mapping, surveys, and workplace inspections to find hazards; using questionnaires and body mapping to identify worker health problems; requesting safety information from the employer under “right to know” regulations; filing OSHA complaints; negotiating safety in union contracts; and gaining community support for workplace health and safety campaigns. None of the tools require “experts” in health and safety; all can be learned and used by workers, union representatives, and other activists. (publisher’s statement)