Transforming Power: From the Personal to the Political

TitleTransforming Power: From the Personal to the Political
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsRebick, J.
PublisherPenguin Canada
Keywordsglobalization, grassroots activism, mass communication technology, social justice

Veteran activist Judy Rebick explains how globalization and mass communication technology are revolutionizing our understanding of power and producing profound new ideas about social and political life. Whether it’s the election of President Obama, the rise of democracy in Bolivia, or the success of Wikipedia, it’s the process that’s key: bringing communities of people together to produce something new; building a movement from the bottom up; sharing experience, knowledge and wisdom; emphasizing co-operation and consensus over confrontation and political partisanship.

Meaningful response to the environmental crisis and social injustice requires substantial, sustainable change at every level, which can only come through building power from the grass roots, from the people most impacted. In Transforming Power we discover the ideas, the people and the practices that can provide the paths to the change we need. (publisher's statement)