A Trade Union Guide to Globalisation

TitleA Trade Union Guide to Globalisation
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsRyder, G.
CityBrussels, Belgium
Keywordsglobal trade unionism, globalization, international solidarity, international trade union movement, organizing, trade unions, workers’ rights

[Excerpt] The impact of globalisation is ever more evident to trade unionists in all countries and in all sectors. The increasing integration of national economies in a single global market and the appearance of new world production systems are bringing about a convergence of national and international trade union agendas. Trade unions face the double challenge of representing workers effectively in the rapidly changing conditions of the global economy, and of bringing about fundamental change in the workings of globalisation so that it distributes its benefits more fairly and contributes to socially just and sustainable development. This “Trade Union Guide to Globalisation” aims to help trade unionists to participate actively in the urgent task of meeting these challenges. It sets out the meaning of globalisation for working people, describes the role and potential of the major actors in the global economy, and focuses in particular on the structures, campaigns, and policies of the international trade union movement and how international solidarity can make the difference.

Original PublicationProduced by the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions