Break or Weld? Trade Union Responses to Global Value Chain Restructuring

TitleBreak or Weld? Trade Union Responses to Global Value Chain Restructuring
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHuws, U.
PublisherMerlin Press Ltd
CityMonmouth, United Kingdom
Keywordsglobal value chain restructuring, globalization, organizing, representation, trade unions

How should trade union respond to globalisation?

This book addresses questions of strategy and organisation: What should be the balance between protecting jobs on existing sites and developing solidarity with workers in other parts of the world up or down the value chain? Are new forms of organisation emerging and, if so, how effective are they?

How can workers build on past traditions of organising in changed circumstances? How can traditional European national social dialogue models adapt to globalisation? How can trade unions organise across value chains in a context where, increasingly, the terms and conditions of employment of workers around the world are set not by their direct employers but by the terms of contracts agreed between their employers and their employers' clients.

Can initiatives to establish labour standards and good corporate governance at a global level provide answers? How can trade union work with campaigns and community-based organisations? (publisher's statement)