Trade Unions in Western Europe Since 1945

TitleTrade Unions in Western Europe Since 1945
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsEbbinghaus, B., and Visser, Jelle
Keywordscollective bargaining, Europe, globalization, organizing, trade unions

This comparative data handbook offers an empirical base to a long-term and comparative understanding of changes and variations in European union movements. It provides information on the context and history of union development, the changes in the structure of post-war unionism until today, the long-term trends in union membership and union density, and the shifts in the cross-sectional composition of union membership.
Introduction and references are included, as well as standardised tables for each country and comparative indicators.This book is the result of many years of research by the authors in collaboration with an international research team, and provides an original source for comparative and national studies or individual enquiries. It offers cross-checked and often newly-calculated statistics from the project's unique comprehensive database on national union organisations and their membership series.
An original, comprehensive and up-to-date data collection on postwar union movements, Trade Unions in Western Europe since 1945 will act as an indispensable tool for anyone comparing labour relations across Europe. (publisher's statement)