Organizing to Win: New Research on Union Strategies

TitleOrganizing to Win: New Research on Union Strategies
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsBronfenbrenner, K., Friedman, S., Hurd, Richard, Oswald, R. A., and Seeber, R. L.
PublisherCornell University Press
CityIthaca, NY
Keywordsclergy, labor movement, local labor councils, membership, union organizing, volunteer organizers

[Excerpt] The American labor movement is at a watershed. For the first time since the early years of industrial unionism sixty years ago, there is near-universal agreement among union leaders that the future of the movement depends on massive new organizing. In October 1995, John Sweeney, Richard Trumka, and Linda Chavez-Thompson were swept into the top offices of the AFL-CIO, following a campaign that promised organizing "at an unprecedented pace and scale." Since taking office, the new AFL-CIO leadership team has created a separate organizing department and has committed $20 million to support coordinated large-scale industry-based organizing drives. In addition, in the summer of 1996, the AFL-CIO launched the "Union Summer" program, which placed more than a thousand college students and young workers in organizing campaigns across the country.