Organizing for Social Change (4th Edition)

TitleOrganizing for Social Change (4th Edition)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBobo, A., Max, S., Bobo, K., and Kendall, J.
PublisherThe Forum Press
CitySanta Ana, CA
Keywordsdirect action, grassroots, human rights, organizing, social justice, workers’ rights

Now in its fourth edition, here is the comprehensive manual for grassroots organizers working for social, racial, environmental and economic justice at the local, state and national levels. Since 1973 the Midwest Academy has trained more than 30,000 activists in progressive organizations, unions, and faith-based groups. This Midwest Academy Manual for Activists is central to its training programs and seminars, and it provides an invaluable reference source for organizers throughout their careers. Also included are anecdotes about a wide variety of real organizations working on issues concerning labor, the environment, health care, racism, immigration, peace, religion, energy, public campaign financing and more. (publisher's statement)