Comparative Industrial Relations: An Introduction to Cross-National Perspectives

TitleComparative Industrial Relations: An Introduction to Cross-National Perspectives
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsBean, R.
KeywordsEastern Europe, globalization, human resource management, industrial relations, macro-economics

A well-established student text giving a thematic and analytical treatment to the comparative and international aspects of industrial relations. By surveying, integrating and reviewing the expanding body of literature and research findings relating to comparative studies in industrial relations, this volume examines the similarities and differences between countries and institutions around the world. New sections cover the 'individualising' of industrial relations through human resource management, the 1992 EC dimension in relation to multinationals, developments in Eastern European trade unions, and the economic democracy of financial participation by workers in their own companies. In addition a chapter on industrial relations systems and the macro-economic performance of countries has been added, and all the existing chapters have been updated to include findings of recent research studies. (from