International Legal Standards for Labor and Employment Law

TitleInternational Legal Standards for Labor and Employment Law
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsZack, A. M.
Series TitleWorkplace Fairness Disputes in a Global Economy: Hong Kong and PCR Perspectives
Date Published05/2008
InstitutionHong Kong International Arbitration Center
CityHong Kong
KeywordsChina, dispute resolution, employment law, labor law, mediation, workers’ rights

[Excerpt] Whatever our background and traditions in approaching this topic, and wherever we have developed our understanding of what conditions and laws should govern those at work, I think we all share an innate sense that although employers are entitled to a fair profit from their investment, workers are also entitled to be free of exploitation. The mutual dependence of labor and management was recognized by President Abraham Lincoln in his first State of the Union Address in 1861. He declared that “labor came first and can exist without capital, but... capital could never have existed without labor."