Ask a Working Woman Survey 2002

TitleAsk a Working Woman Survey 2002
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsAFL-, CIO
CityWashington, DC
Keywordsequal pay, gender, working families, working women

[Excerpt] On the job and in public policy, working women want changes that will strengthen families and build respect for work. Working women are deeply and increasingly concerned about health care and retirement security, as well as equal pay and equal opportunity. Concern about health care has surged in the past year. These are among the findings of the Ask a Working Woman Survey 2002, conducted for the AFL-CIO by Lake Snell Perry & Associates. This survey is the third in a series designed to examine the pressures faced by working women and the solutions they seek in their workplaces and through legislation. This report is part of a yearlong national project that included a field survey of nearly 20,000 working women across the country, from which the quotes appearing in this report are taken.