Mediation and Arbitration of Employment Disputes

TitleMediation and Arbitration of Employment Disputes
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsDunlop, J. T., and Zack, A. M.
PublisherJossey-Bass Publishers
CitySan Francisco
KeywordsADR, alternative dispute resolution, dispute resolution, employment relations, individual rights

For many employers and employees alike, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers clear advantage over recourse to a legal system compromised by staggering case loads, Andless appeals, and high litigation costs. Indeed, ADR may prove the best hope for the equitable, affordable, and expeditious adjudication of employment dispute claims. Now, two of the people most responsible for the adoption of due process arbitration standards--standards that finally gave ADR real teeth--take a comprehensive look at due process arbitration in practice and offer policy guidelines, as well as an action plan for establishing mediation and arbitration as the cornerstones of any dispute resolution system. (publisher's statement)