Corporate Social Responsibility And Trade Unions: Perspectives From Europe

TitleCorporate Social Responsibility And Trade Unions: Perspectives From Europe
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsPreuss, Lutz, Gold, Michael, and Rees, Chris
CityNew York
Keywordscorporate social responsibility, CSR, employment relations, Europe, industrial relations, labor unions

Growing interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) has focused attention on the relationship between businesses and key stakeholders, such as NGOs and local communities. Curiously, however, commentators on CSR rarely discuss the role of trade unions, while commentators on employment relations seldom engage with CSR. This situation is all the more remarkable since unions are a critically important social actor and have traditionally played a prominent role in defending the interests of one key stakeholder in the company, the employee.Written by dedicated experts in their field, this book addresses a key gap in the literature on both CSR and employment relations, namely trade union policies towards CSR, as well as union engagement with particular CSR initiatives and the challenges they face in doing so. The research covers eleven European countries which, when taken together, constitute a representative sample of industrial relations structures across the continent.