Transnational Labour Law

TitleTransnational Labour Law
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsOjeda-Avilés, Antonio
PublisherWolters Kluwer Law & Business
CityNew York
Keywordscomparative labor law, ILO, labor law, regulation

This unique title is the first in-depth study to treat labour law transnationally; providing a horizontal perspective across world institutions and thereby revealing new formulas of the private regulation of economic and production relations. The centre of gravity in labour relations worldwide has shifted from governments to multinational companies and financial institutions. In Transnational Labour Law, Antonio Ojeda Avilés examines the mixture of private and public regulation – both substantive and procedural – that characterizes employment relations virtually everywhere in the world today, allowing the reader to gain insight into how this interaction of public and private rules affects the employment relationship. The book’s detailed discussions of ILO and EU measures deal not with these organizations’ rules in themselves, but with the ways these organizations regulate private entities, because such regulations mark the limits and possibilities of labour action by multinationals.