Women Migrant Workers: Ethical, Political and Legal Problems

TitleWomen Migrant Workers: Ethical, Political and Legal Problems
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMeghani, Zahra
PublisherTaylor & Francis
CityNew York
Keywordsclass discrimination, female migrant workers, gender, gender discrimination, low-wage workers, migrant workers, women migrant workers

This volume makes the case for the fair treatment of female migrant workers from the global South who are employed in wealthy liberal democracies as care workers, domestic workers, home health workers, and farm workers. An international panel of contributors provide analyses of the ethical, political, and legal harms suffered by female migrant workers, based on empirical data and case studies, along with original and sophisticated analyses of the complex of systemic, structural factors responsible for the harms experienced by women migrant workers. The book also proposes realistic and original solutions to the problem of the unjust treatment of women migrant workers, such as social security systems that are transnational and tailored to meet the particular needs of different groups of international migrant workers.