International Labor Standards: How Far is India?

TitleInternational Labor Standards: How Far is India?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMalik, Harshit
JournalInternational Journal of Research & Analysis
Pagination144 - 155
Date Published2014///
Keywordschild labor, freedom of association, India, international labor standards, labor law

Growing concerns and debate over rights of workers have been much discussed in the contemporary treatise. While, most countries have ratified all international conventions on labor standards, there still exist many who do not agree with some of them. India is one of those countries. India has only partially accepted international labor standards and is being constantly urged to adopt the rest. This paper is one contribution to the debate of India’s ratification of International labor standards. Over the course of analysis, we seek to argue that India’s discourse on labor legislation has not necessarily been flawed merely because it has not ratified some of the conventions. The paper focuses on the 8 fundamental conventions identified by the International Labor organization. The paper analyses India’s national labor legislations from the perspective of International labor standards. The paper is divided in three parts. The first describes India’s profile as per ILO. The second part, which comprises of further subparts, will discuss corresponding laws in India for the conventions not ratified by it, and will try to understand the reason for non-ratification with the help of case studies. The last part of the paper offers an opinion on India’s decision of non-ratification.