What is a Workers’ Referendum for? Evidence from Italy

TitleWhat is a Workers’ Referendum for? Evidence from Italy
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsCarbonai, Davide, and Drago, Carlo
Date Published2014///
InstitutionMPRA Paper
CityUniversity Library of Munich, Germany
KeywordsItaly, survey research, union democracy, Workers’ Referendum

In July 2007, the Prodi government and representatives of the three main Italian trade union confederations signed a landmark agreement on welfare and economic development. In October, in order to ratify or reject the agreement, the Italian labor movement organized a referendum, i.e. the Workers’ Referendum of 2007, inviting workers, pensioners and the unemployed to assess the agreement. Based on a comprehensive sampling (1,574 interviewees), these research notes provide an analysis of the Workers’ Referendum with regard to both key societal voting features and attitudes toward unions.