We Don't Quit!: Stories of UAW Global Solidarity

TitleWe Don't Quit!: Stories of UAW Global Solidarity
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsStillman, Don
CityNew York
Keywordsglobalization, UAW, unionization, United Auto Workers, workers’ rights

We Don’t Quit! describes the crucial role the United Auto Workers (UAW) union has played in the global struggle for workers’ rights. At a time when labor’s power seems to be waning, the book establishes the UAW’s vigorous internationalism as a counterbalance to corporate globalization and anti-worker repression by foreign governments. The UAW joined independent black unions in South Africa in the struggle against apartheid. It supported the Solidarity union in Poland that toppled the communist regime there. In Central America, the UAW stood up for workers targeted by death squads. In moving detail, author Don Stillman describes the UAW’s efforts to win freedom for imprisoned worker activists in Burma, China, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Mexico. In addition, he outlines how the support of German workers helped the UAW organize workers in North Carolina in the face of a harsh anti-union campaign. At a time when corporations operate without national boundaries, We Don’t Quit! charts a path for workers to join together across borders to preserve and expand workers’ rights.