Labor in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors

TitleLabor in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsHamermesh, Daniel S.
PublisherPrinceton University Press
CityPrinceton, NJ
Keywordsnonprofit sector, public sector labor market, wage determination

Originally presented at a Conference on Labor in Nonprofit Industry and Government held at Princeton University, these studies are the first to provide an economic discussion of the public sector labor market. Melvin Reder examines the effect of the absence of the profit motive on employment and wage determination in the public sector. Orley Ashenfelter and Ronald Ehrenberg estimate the elasticities of demand for various types of labor employed by state and local governments. Theoretical ideas about behavior in nonprofit industries are employed by Richard Freeman to study the higher education industry. John Burton and Charles Krider try to predict the incidence of strikes in the public sector, while Donald Frey presents a model of the behavior of school boards in hiring faculty. The magnitude of the extra wage received by unionized public employees is compared by Daniel Hamermesh to that of private unionized workers in the same occupation.