We Are One: Stories of American Workers

TitleWe Are One: Stories of American Workers
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsGottlieb, Elizabeth
PublisherHard Ball Press
CityNew York
Keywordslabor movement, labor unions, workers, workplaces

There are millions of workers around the world, each with their own personal story. WE ARE ONE explores the lives of American workers from coast to coast, from all walks of life, in words and self-portrait photography. The collection examines their workplaces, their life events and ideas about success, inspiring reflection and thought among its readers. We hear from musicians, laborers, teachers, journalists, auto workers, nurses, a ballet dancer from the San Francisco Ballet, a West Virginia coal miner, filmmaker John Sayles, and many others. WE ARE ONE is an introduction to today's labor movement from a personal perspective, and a much needed answer to the all too common negative stereotype of unions.