Labor Codes of Conduct and Labor Policy Codes: An Overview

TitleLabor Codes of Conduct and Labor Policy Codes: An Overview
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSignes, Adrián Todolí
JournalE-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies
Date Published2014///
Keywordscodes of conduct, enforcement, labor codes of conduct, labor policy codes, regulation

Labour codes of conduct and labour policy codes are two legal instruments which employers have at their disposal to regulate stakeholder relations (workers, suppliers and customers). Yet their purpose is often unclear. Labour codes of conduct apply to suppliers, worker’s suppliers and customers. They are also regarded as soft law initiatives and this is why some difficulties arise when they are challenged in court. Conversely, labour policy codes concern employees and are fully enforceable. The problem stems from the terminology employed to refer to them, which makes it particularly difficult to draw a distinction. Accordingly, this paper seeks to clarify the differences between these two codes considering their features, the applicable rules, and their scope of application.