What Does the Minimum Wage Do?

TitleWhat Does the Minimum Wage Do?
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBelman, Dale, and Wolfson, Paul J.
PublisherW. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
CityKalamazoo, MI
Keywordsemployment, gender, inequality, low-wage workers, minimum wage, poverty, wages

Belman and Wolfson have compiled the most comprehensive, analytical, and unbiased assessment of the effects of minimum wage increases that has ever been produced. Based on a rigorous meta-analysis of more than 200 scholarly publications published since 1991 (most after 2000) that address the various impacts of raising the minimum wage, the authors observe several outcomes influenced by increases in the minimum wage, how long it takes those outcomes to respond, the magnitude of effects, why increases in the minimum wage have the results they do, and the workers most likely to be impacted. The breadth and depth of their investigation clarifies the issues surrounding employment, wages, poverty and inequality, and effect by gender.