The Psychology of the Recession on the Workplace

TitleThe Psychology of the Recession on the Workplace
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAntoniou, Alexander-Stamatios G., and Cooper, Cary L.
PublisherEdward Elgar Publishing
CityNorthampton, MA
Keywordseconomic recession, workplace dissatisfaction, workplace distress, workplace psychology

An economic recession can affect the aggregate well-being of a population. This book shows a significant increase in the mean levels of distress and dissatisfaction in the work place in recent years. In particular, increasing job demands, intrinsic job insecurity and increasingly inadequate salaries make substantial contributions to psychological distress, family conflict and related behaviors. The contributors reveal that the recession has fundamentally altered the way employees view their work and leaders. With employers and employees still facing a continued period of uncertainty, a severe impact on employment relations is a continuing reality. Given the difficult economic times, many people are feeling the pressure to work harder. This book will be valuable for undergraduate students and practitioners in the fields of organizational behavior and human resource management.