Industrial Relations in South-Eastern Europe: Disaggregating the Contexts

TitleIndustrial Relations in South-Eastern Europe: Disaggregating the Contexts
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPsychogiosa, Alexandros, Brewsterb, Chris, Missopoulosc, Fotis, Kohontd, Andrej, Vatchkovae, Elizabeta, and Slavicf, Agnes
JournalThe International Journal of Human Resource Management
KeywordsBulgaria,, Cyprus, Greece, industrial relations, Serbia, Slovenia, South-Eastern European organizations

This study critically evaluates industrial relations (IR) in South-Eastern Europe and points towards future practical and research-oriented opportunities in the region. A survey of organizational policies and practices has been used to explore the state of IR in both private and public organizations in this region. Specifically, the data, collected in 2009–2010 (including the latest changes due to the economic crisis), cover 840 different organizations located in Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. We discuss the development of ‘regional-specific’ IR policies, the ‘importing’ of varieties of capitalism models, the diffusion of the European Union social model and the role of foreign MNCs in changing IR in the region.