UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education



The UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education plays a unique role as a bridge between the university and the labor community in Southern California. This role has grown in the past few years with the dramatic changes that have overtaken the Southern California workforce and economy.

As part of the university, the Labor Center serves as a research and policy base for scholars and students interested in workplace issues. The Labor Center also brings UCLA into the community by providing workers with access to UCLA's vast resources and programs. An advisory committee comprised of about forty Southern California labor and community leaders (representing more than one million members in the public and private sectors) provides advice and support for the center.

The Labor Center has a vibrant outreach office just blocks from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, dozens of major union headquarters and worker centers, and in the heart of a diverse immigrant community.

The Labor Center is a vital resource for research, education, and policy development to help create jobs that are good for workers and their communities, to improve the quality of existing jobs in the low-wage economy, and to strengthen the process of immigrant integration, especially among students and youth.

The Labor Center is part of the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment and is a sister program with the Labor Occupational Safety and Health (LOSH) Program. More information here.