Trade Unions in Asia: An Economic and Sociological Analysis

标题Trade Unions in Asia: An Economic and Sociological Analysis
作者Zhu, Y., and Benson, J.
出版社Routledge Press
关键词Asia, Asian business, economics, gender, human resource development, trade unions, workers’ rights, working conditions

Offering a comprehensive account of the role of trade unions in Asia today, this book, put together by two editors who have published extensively in the areas of business and economics in Asia, covers all the important Asian economies: both developed and developing.

Making a vital contribution to the very small amount of literature that has been published on this topic, this book focuses, in particular on how trade unions have organized to represent workers and the strategies they have adopted. It discusses the issues surrounding wages and working conditions, health and safety, women’s employment opportunities and human resource development, in the context of the major regional economies, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. (publisher's statement)