Wal-Mart Imports From China, Exports Ohio Jobs

标题Wal-Mart Imports From China, Exports Ohio Jobs
InstitutionAFL-CIO Wal-Mart Campaign
CityWashington, DC
关键词China, labor laws, labor market, Ohio, outsourcing, Wal-Mart

[Excerpt] This report tells the stories of four Ohio companies that sell to Wal-Mart. The loss of jobs at the Huffy Corp., Rubbermaid, Mr. Coffee and Thomson factories in Ohio demonstrates how Wal-Mart pressures suppliers to send Ohio jobs overseas. These jobs exported by Wal-Mart suppliers represent just a handful of the hundreds of thousands of good jobs Ohio has lost in the new Wal-Mart economy. Other such Wal-Mart suppliers as Hasbro, Ohio Art, Texas Instruments Inc., Hoover, World Kitchen Inc. and Philips also have closed plants in Ohio.