Three Scenarios For Industrial Relations In Europe

标题Three Scenarios For Industrial Relations In Europe
作者Hyman, Richard
期刊International Labour Review
Pagination5 - 14
Date Published2015///
关键词employment, EU, Europe, European Union, industrial relations, informal economy, labor relations, market economy, trade unionism, trend

The author outlines three scenarios for the future of industrial relations in Europe. The first – perhaps the most realistic – projects continuing erosion of national industrial relations systems and conditions of employment, in line with current trends. The second envisages that “elite reform” from above will succeed in re-engineering industrial relations and workers' protection according to an ideal social policy agenda – an unlikely prospect given the overriding importance of financial considerations and globalized competition. The third scenario centres on a counter-movement from below which presents trade unions with the daunting challenge of mobilizing the discontented far beyond their traditional constituency.