Hold That Line: The New Orleans Police Strikes

标题Hold That Line: The New Orleans Police Strikes
作者Wigginton, Michael Peter, Jensen, Carl Julius, and Vinson, Jessica Michele
期刊Criminal Justice Policy Review
Pagination234 - 251
Date Published2015///
关键词collective bargaining, New Orleans, police strike, police union, union

In February 1979, the New Orleans Police Department was engaged in two work stoppages that were orchestrated by the Police Association of New Orleans (PANO). During this period, PANO was affiliated with the International Teamsters Union, which allegedly had ties to organized crime. This study addresses the causes of the police strikes, the right of public safety personnel to strike, and how the “gangster” image of the Teamsters adversely affected the labor negotiations. The authors conducted personal, semistructured interviews of individuals who participated in the labor talks, as well as an extensive review of the literature. According to respondents, the primary causes of the strike were low wages and the refusal of city officials to recognize the police union and enter into meaningful collective bargaining negotiations.