Injured Workers in China: Injustice, Conflict and Social Unrest

标题Injured Workers in China: Injustice, Conflict and Social Unrest
作者Zhu, Ying, Chen, Peter Y., and Zhao, Wei
期刊International Labour Review
Pagination635 - 647
Date Published2014
关键词China, labor policy, occupational health, occupational injury, occupational safety

Compared to other, developed countries, there has been a disproportionately high level of work-related accidents and ill health in China over the past decade, resulting in increased conflict and unrest, thereby undermining social stability and social harmony. To investigate how key stakeholders address occupational safety and health (OSH) challenges, the authors interview 25 injured workers from five Chinese provinces about: safety practices at work; potential causes of injury; how the workers were treated – or mistreated – when they were injured; and the compensation process, and present recommendations for addressing OSH problems in China, in order to ensure social justice and social harmony.